The Vagina Monologues 2017

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The vision for the 2017 production is to bring healing and empowerment; to the cast and production team, as well as to the audience who will come to see the show. By telling women's stories and by shedding light upon what it means to identify as a female in our modern world, the production aims at underlining the importance of the vagina as a vessel of female empowerment, and the ultimate embodiment of individuality.

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Madeleine Op't Hof

Producer, 2017


Diana Thomas

Director, 2017

stage manager_photo.jpg

Richard Brown

Stage Manager, 2017

Production Team, 2017

Tanja Spichty, Assistant Stage Manager
Caroline D'Alwis, Costumes
Lorraine Rytz, Front of House
Jay Sodha, Front of House
Sandra Willi, Front of House
Arantxa Urchueguía Formes, Marketing
Ash Chumber, Set
Novak Roganovik, Web design

Cast, 2017

Barbara Bekalska
Alison Bolton
Trisha Corrigan
Stephanie Feddern
Anissa Gabelmann
Helen Gilroy
Gracie Hughes
Lisa Anne Kerwin
Evelyn Luz Acevedo Bravo
Cristina Maino
Nicolaia Marston
Catherine Matter
Madeleine Op't Hof
Gabi Soliman
Oksana Spychiger
Olivia Streater Lavizzari
Emma Swift
Arantxa Urchueguía Formes
Madiana Vieyra
Gisele Von Buren
Danielle Zammit